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down and had to take a complete rest

10. When she child let go of her mother’s hand she fell down

1. Some young people got away from the basics ,basics of the hard work from our parents’s generation

2. Leaders from the European union made a call for restraint on executive pay ,strict oversight of credit rating agencies and quick change of accounting rules 3. Global financial turmoil is forcing private banks to go back to basics and get

closer to their clients rather than pushing products they often don’t fully understand themselves

4. The three of the world’s leading developing countries agreed to collaborate closely on some of the crisis confronting international community

5. The minister said that the present measures are unlikely to prove effective in

ending a financial crisis that is,at heart a crisis of confidential . 6. Some people complain that the administration has failed at every endeavor ,

crippling their national strength and making the US hated around the world 7. I was only 3 when my father died .I an sad to say that I can no longer bring up his

image in my mind or recall any personal interaction with him

8. Most Americans believe that the housing bubble is probably the biggest reason

why American now faces a financial crisis

9. They are surprised that following a period of economic boom , a financial bubble –global in scope –has now burst

10. They are confident that they will get out of the crises and end up with a new

financial system which is sound , transparent and ethical

11. In the early 90’s , Sweden was facing a financial crisis that sounds a lot similar

to what the U.S.is going through right now

12. In our country ,borrowers needed a 20percent down payment in order to qualify

for a mortgage

1. My ideal would be to live in the country and have a flat in London . 2. I’ve got no intention of staying indoors on a nice sunny day like this . Bocker

- 6 -

3. In our university ,student’s scores are based on continuous assessment of their

work .

4. The increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide h texas potential for altering global

climat with significant consequence for all countries . 5. She decided not to adopt her husband’s name when she got married . 6. The conference ,which ended on Friday ,was sponsored by china daily . 7. Several laws have been passed to overcome prejudice against woman in

politics .

8. I rare drink alcohol ---just the occasional glass of wine . 9. Because of the frequent occurrence of traffic james in our city , there’s a growing

tendency for people to travel to to work by bicycle . 10. From their studies the archaeologists concluded that the area was the site of an ancient temple

1. How wonderful to go away for a month,free from all worries and responsibilities . 2. The rules if safe driving apply to every . 3. So far as I can remember , I’ve never seen him reading anything but the

newspaper .

4. The new Sydney is pretty good as a whole

5. I can’t find any means to overcome my present financial crisis , short of salling the house .

6. The organization declared that it was responsible for the killing . 7. I can’t make the decision .it’s not up to me . 8. Such a mistake would perhaps lead to disastrous consequence .

1. There were many religious disputes in English during the 17th century . 2. These advertisement are intended to improve the company’s image 3. Ambition is a characteristic of all successful businessman . 4. Respect for the law is the very foundation of civilized living . 5. Studies have established that smoking is a risk factor for cancer . 6. We’re now trying to transfer the data from magnetic tape to hard disk . Bocker

- 7 -

7. The scientist acknowledge publicly that he might have made a mistake in his

experiment .

8. If you want to make a complaint , please follow the correct procedure . 9. Their stock prices fell to levels that did not reflect the true value of their asset . 10. The ratio of boys to girls on this class is three to one .

1. War brought out in Europe on 4 august

2. There isn’t any little girl called Clementine .he’s just made her up . 3. Will those in favour of the plan raise their hands? 4. The classic black dress never seems out of style . 5. She’s very upset . leave her out for a few minutes . 6. This doesn’t make sense . I think the typist has left out a line . 7. The trains are subject to delay where there is fog . 8. Do you see there are other element at work as well .

1. He is now working as the host of a popular weekend television talk -show . 2. Businessman helping young people to attend school . The old man hoped to

inspire other perplexed to do the same . 3. Popular british author , charles dickens’family could hardly make ends meet .

They could only afford to send one of their six children to school .

4. Currently , china is the star of the asian market and we are all looking with great

interest and expectation to the role that chineses market will be playing in the next years in the world .

5. A person who fails to hace self-respect does not deserve respect from others 6. Already well known in france as well as here at home , these authors all enjoy

high international recognition . 7. The girl’s smile broadened when she learnt the firm decided to help her through higher study .

8. While bigger companies are anxious to maintain their reputation , smaller ones

are just struggling to survive .

9. The students are holding a demonstration in protest against the increase in their


- 8 -

tuition fees .tuition

10. The butcher’s son was fortunate enough time hace freed put him through

university .

1. The government-funded programme is designed to put poor children through school .

2. The owner of the shirt-making company insisted upon wanting to remain

anonymous when he helped the young man out with the money .

3. A week went by without any information about the whereabouts of their lost kid . 4. I wrote down his telephone number on a piece of paper , but now i couldn’t find it

anywhere .

5. After several years of hard work , he had carved out a nice career for himself as the host of the american show “let’s make a deal ”

6. When she was short of money , it was her parents who helped her out with a $500loan .

7. While handing over a cheque time the young man .freed said he must maintain top grades in school .

8. The young man kept his promise and paid back the money the old man lent him as soon as he landed his first jody after graduation .

9. He lost his job last month , and the family had to scrape by on his wife’s salary 10. It is a good habit to look over your test paper again before you hand it in .

1. This year 100 teachers have been awarded by the ministry of education PRC for

thierry outstanding contribution time the cause of education . 2. Six-million people in the united states belong to the parent-teacher

association ,which speaks for parents ,students and teachers . 3. His teacher’s wordsworth --a man’s success is made up of failures --is always

echoing in his head and encouraging him to work hard . 4. Ever since his childhood , he has demonstrated a passion for car racing ,and he became a professional car racer at the age of 16.

5. At the graduation ceremony , the students were all congratulate one another


- 9 -

warmly .

6. In recent years this town has grown into a fashionable vacation resort , 7. The students apologized to the teacher for being late for the class . 8. At the sudden noise coming from the bedroom , he froze at the door wondering what to do .

9. It’s odd --i put my purse in the drawer but now it is not there . 10. My parents couldn’t afford to pay for my living expenses ,so i have to work part time .

1. Scientists believe that the data obtained will pave the way for further exploration of mars

2. Years have gone by , but his encouraging remarks have always kept echoing in my mind and reminded me to work hard . 3. Some people believe that if a person could not carve out a niche for himself in his

thirties ,he would amount to nothing . 4. A great diplomat will be required to hold the country together at such a critical time .

5. He felt extremely nervous when the custom official’s eyeshadow bored into him . 6. Dr.holstrom hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps amd become a

successful physician in through future .

7. She told me that she was still in contact with her former roommate and they

wrote a coupleof letters to each other every year

8. My parents are supportive of my decision to go abroad to pursue further study

after i graduate from high school .


1.evaluate 2.terns 3.estimate 4.earth 5.lawn 6.retired 7.afford 8. intead 9.owed 10.lend 11.appeal 12.stimulate 13.borrowed 14.absorb 15.eventually 16.social 17.arrangement 18.human 19.convince 20.results

1.A.anxious 2.B.concerned 3.C.occurring 4.B.on 5.C.stupid 6.A.must 7.B.reflected 8.D.reactions 9.C.profound 10.A.likely 11.A.easily 12.C.to


- 10 -