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4. A. dear B. bad C. big D. small

5. A. politely B. quickly C. slowly D. carefully 6. A. angry B. busy C. tired D. lazy

7. A. listens to B. hears C. watches D. speaks 8. A. fills B. plants C. throws D. makes

9. A. does B. moves C. grows D. plays 10.A. work B. rain C. stories D. music


For several years, Americans have enjoyed teleshopping-watching TV and buying things by phone. Now teleshopping is starting in Europe. In some __1__ countries, people can turn on their __2__ and shop for clothes, jewelry, food, toys and __3__ things.

Teleshopping is becoming popular in Sweden. __4__, the biggest Swedish company sells different kinds of things on TV in fifteen European countries, and in one year, it makes $10 million. In France, there are two teleshopping channels, and the French __5__ about $ 20 million a year in buying things through those channels. In Germany, __6__ last year teleshopping was only possible on one channel for one hour every day. Then the government allowed more teleshopping. Other channels can __7__ for telebusiness, including the largest American teleshopping company and a 24-hour teleshopping company. German __8__ are hoping these will help them sell more things.

Some people like teleshopping because it allows them to do their shopping without __9__. With all the traffic problems in cities, going shopping is not an easy thing. But at the same time, other Europeans __10__ like this new way of buying things. They call __11__ “junk on the air.” Many Europeans usually worry about the quality of the things __12__ on TV. They think high quality is the most important thing, and they don’t believe they can be sure about the quality of the things __13__.

The need of high quality means that European teleshopping companies will have to be __14__ the American companies. They will have to be more careful about __15__ of the things they sell. They will also have to work harder to sell things that the buyers cannot touch or see by themselves.

1. A. European B. Asian C. American D. African 2. A. lights B. switches C. radios D. TVs

3. A. some else B. another many C. the other D. many other 4. A. Such as B. For example C. For teleshopping D. It is like 5. A. takes B. cost C. spends D. spend 6. A. to B. until C. unless D. by 7. A. begin B. leave C. open D. turn on

8. A. people B. women C. businessmen D. officials 9. A. to go ou tB. going out C. to buy things D. buying things 10. A. still B. don’t C. even D. won’t

11. A. teleshopping B. TV C. radio D. telephone

12. A. appearing B. coming out C. for sale D. to buy 13. A. in the shop B. on TV C. they bought D. by this way

14. A. the same with B. different from C. as big as D. larger than 15. A. the number B. the quality C. the places D. the buyers



Last Friday, after doing all the family shopping in the town. I wanted to have a rest before catching the rain. I __1__ a newspaper and some chocolate and __2__ into the station coffee shop. It was a cheap self-service place with long tables to __3__ at. I put my heavy bag down on the floor, __4__ the newspaper and the chocolate on the table and then went to get a cup of coffee.

When I came back with the coffee, There was someone __5__ in the next seat. __6__ was a boy, with dark glasses and old clothes, and __7__ bright red at the front. He had started to eat my chocolate!

Naturally, I was rather uneasy about him, but I didn’t want to have any __8__. I just read the newspaper, tasted my coffee and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me in __9__.Then he took a __10__ piece of my chocolate. I could hardly believe it. Still I didn’t say anything to him. When he took a third piece, I felt more angry than uneasy. I thought, “Well, I shall have the last piece.” And I got it.

The boy gave me a strange look, then __11__ up. As he left, he shouted out, “There’s something __12__ with that woman!” Everyone looked at me, __13__ I didn’t want to quarrel with the boy, so I kept quiet. I did not realize that I had __14__ a mistake until I finished my coffee and was ready to __15__. My face turned red when I saw my unopened chocolate under the newspaper. The chocolate that I had been eating was the boy’s! 1. A. stole B. bought C. sold D. wrote 2. A. went B. sat C. seated D. looked 3. A. sit B. seat C. lie D. laugh

4. A. pushed B. took C. put D. pulled

5. A. jumping B. playing C. sitting D. sleeping 6. A. He B. It C. Who D. What 7. A. cut B. washed C. covered D. colored 8. A. coffee B. trouble C. chocolate D. matter

9. A. carelessness B. anger C. surprise D. happiness 10. A. first B. second C. very D. last 11. A. stood B. took C. cried D. looked

12. A. strange B. wrong C. OK D. funny 13. A. and B. but C. so D. while

14. A. spelt B. corrected C. made D. found

15. A. finish B. leave C. jump D. shop


Rosa liked making up stories. She was so __1__ that her classmates believed her from time to time. In fact, the whole class believed her! At first she supposed it was __2__. Now, as she got up to __3__ before the class, She knew that make -believe stories had some way of coming back to make you sad.

Rosa’s parents were separated. Nine months out of the year, Rosa lived with her mother in an apartment on Anderson Street. But when summer __4__, she went to her father’s farm in Arizona.

The farm was great! Rosa rode horses and __5__ with some farm work. Her father, however, was so __6__ that he couldn’t find time to go places with her. When she arrived each summer, her father would __7__ her at the airport and take her out to eat. And the day she went back to the __8__ he would always buy her a present.

When summer came to a close, Rosa __9__ to her mother. At school she heard lots of stories her friends told about their family trips. Rosa wished she had a __10__ to talk about.

Not long after __11__ began, Rosa was looking through travel magazines in the school library. They talked about many exciting __12__, like England and Germany. When Rosa’s friends asked what she had done that


summer, she made up something that was not __13__. Remembering the travel magazines she had looked at, she told her classmates that she and her father had gone to __14__.

When the class began studying England, Mr. Thomas asked Rosa to tell all the things she could __15__ about her trip to England!

1. A. afraid B. worried C. sure D. happy 2. A. joke B. fun C. turn D. game 3. A. talk B. teach C. show D. travel 4. A. passed B. arrived C. lasted D. changed 5. A. made B. played C. helped D. did 6. A. weak B. pleased C. busy D. lonely 7. A. show B. visit C. meet D. send

8. A. farm B. city C. family D. school 9. A. wrote B. called C. moved D. returned 10. A. family B. school C. teacher D. farm

11. A. meeting B. school C. summer D. talk

12. A. people B. cities C. languages D. places 13. A interesting B. true C. long D. same

14. A. England B. Germany C. farm D. home 15. A. think B. see C. remember D. read




阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选择最佳选项。 My mom told me that when I was born, I was the most beautiful baby in the world. Time passed, and I started to be a strong and happy girl.

Then, one day when I was five years old, my life 36 a lot. I had a high fever. The doctor gave me the wrong medicine, and this caused me to 37 my speech. My mom couldn’t believe that I could not speak. The doctor told her that the medicine brought me a lot of problems with my speech. He thought that I would 38 be able to speak well again or learn another language. My mom, however, was a 39 . She sent me to a lot of teachers. Finally, she found the

40 teacher, Nina, to help me to make my dream come true. She was a very nice person. She encouraged me and told me that I would speak again.

The most amazing thing was that she taught me to read my 41 . I remember that I spent hours in front of the mirror and tried to repeat every word that I said. Imagine losing your speech and having to learn everything again. For me, it was like being 42 again. Yes, I was! I learned to talk and speak my mother language — Spanish. Now, I am studying English. I can’t believe that I am learning another language. But, I am! I am crying 43 studying here makes me feel happy, and it makes me 44 when I remember what the doctor said to my mom, ― 45 will never be able to speak or

learn another language.‖ I’ll always remember the beautiful words my mom said to me when I was a child and learned to speak again. ―You fought in a war, you 46 on, and then you got a beautiful medal for your success. You realized an impossible dream that people said you would never do. I will always 47 you, and you will always be my hero.‖

Now, I’m thinking about what is going to happen to me. When I am going to take every step in my studies and in my life, I try to think about my experience and be a grateful person. 36. A. proved B. changed C. improved D. increased 37. A. have B. make C. lose D. drop 38. A. still B. never C. either D. always 39. A. fighter B. pioneer C. protector D. volunteer 40. A. real B. right C. clever D. patient 41. A. eye B. face C. heart D. mouth 42. A. born B. hurt C. raised D. trained 43. A. until B. unless C. before D. because 44. A. cry B. fly C. smile D. shake 45. A. I B. He C. She D. You 46. A. lived B. moved C. worked D. climbed 47. A. be satisfied with B. be strict with C. be careful of D. be proud of 西城:



Every night after dinner, my mother and I would sit at the kitchen table. She would present new tests, taking her 36 from stories of amazing children she had read in newspapers and magazines.

The first night she brought out a story about a three-year-old boy who knew the capitals of all the states in our country and 37 most of the European countries. A teacher also said the little boy could also pronounce the names of the foreign cities correctly.


―What’s the capital of Finland?‖ my mother asked me, looking at the magazine story.

All I knew was the capital of California. ―Nairobi!‖ I guessed, saying the most 38 word I could think of. She checked to see if that was possibly one way to 39 ―Helsinki‖ before showing me the answer.

The tests got 40 . One night I had to look at a page from the Bible (圣经) for three minutes and then report everything I could remember. I said all I remembered. And 41 I saw my mother’s disappointed (失望的) face once again, something inside of me began to 42 . I hated the tests, the raised hopes and failed expectations. Before going to bed that night, I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and when I saw only my face looking back — and that it would always be this 43 face — I began to cry. I made loud noises like a mad animal.

And then I saw what seemed to be the prodigy (奇才) side of me — because I have never seen that face before. I looked at myself in the mirror, blinking (眨眼) so I could see more 44 . The girl looking back at me was angry, strong. This girl and I were the same. I had new thoughts. I won’t let her 45 me. I won’t be what I’m not.

So the following nights when my mother presented 46 tests, I performed listlessly, my head on one arm. I pretended (假装) to be bored. And I was. I started to 47 other things. Soon, she noticed I was absent-minded. We had a talk and I told her what I thought and how I felt about the tests. Then the whole evening, she seemed to be thinking.

The next day, she presented me some easier tests. I found my pleasure and confidence back again, and we started to be on the way to make me a prodigy I could be. 36. A. examples B. lessons C. notes D. ideas 37. A. perhaps B. even C. almost D. still 38. A. surprising B. foreign C. interesting D. special 39. A. pronounce B. express C. spell D. read 40. A. longer B. newer C. better D. harder 41. A. before B. after C. if D. although 42. A. rise B. fall C. die D. run 43. A. strange B. unhappy C. ugly D. ordinary 44. A. easily B. quickly C. clearly D. differently 45. A. trouble B. change C. help D. teach 46. A. her B. my C. our D. their 47. A. put away B. worry about C. go over D. think about 东城:



In college, I wanted to be a math teacher. After completing four years of math courses, it was time to find a 36 . I wanted to teach in a big city at a nice school. But I quickly discovered there was a lot of 37 for teaching jobs. Finally my father suggested that I interview at a school in a very small town. The position there was for an English teacher! I went to the interview to 38 my dad. To my surprise, the headmaster offered me the job immediately. I accepted it because I needed a job.

When I arrived at the school in the fall, there was a new headmaster. He didn’t know 39 I was! Then I learned that I had to create a curriculum(课程)for each of my five classes. I didn’t know where to start. I was also asked to coach basketball and be the school drama(戏剧)director. And I had 40 taken a drama class! This was a little school, but it was a 41 job.

During my first year, I almost lived at school. I worked hard creating lesson plans and holding basketball and