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学生易错题10道(9A Unit2)

1. -- Mum, can I have _____ to eat? I’m hungry.

-- Sorry, there is ____ in the fridge. You can go downstairs to buy ______.

A. anything; nothing; something B. something; none; anything; anything C. something; nothing; something D. anything; none; something 【正确答案】C 【易错选项】A


2. Do you know how many kilometers ____ from here to the farm?

A. are there B. there are C. is it D. it is 【正确答案】D 【易错选项】B

【解析】It is two kilometers from here to the farm.

3. I didn’t notice you were ______ in a new shirt today.

A. dressed B. wearing C. dressing D. putting on 【正确答案】A 【易错选项】BCD

【解析】学生对几个表示穿的单词、词组不清楚 词条 wear put on dress have on be in be dressed in 含义 穿着, 指状态,可以用于进行时,一般现在时;宾语可以是衣服等对象 穿上,戴上,一般指动作 给...穿衣服,指动作,宾语为“人”,常用语短语“dress sb” 穿着,指状态,不用于进行时态 示例 Millie often wears a blue coat. It's very cold today, please put on your coat. My mother dressed me every day when I was a little child. She always has on her black shoes. 穿着,指状态,宾语可以为衣服或者颜色之类 The little girl is in a beautiful hat. 穿着,指状态,宾语可以为衣服或者颜色之类 She was dressed in white like a nurse yesterday. 【类似题】Don’t worry about him. He’s old enough to ____ himself. A. put on B. wear C. dress D. have on 答案:C

4. Since he ______(wear) out the old shoes, he’s going to buy a new pair. 【正确答案】has worn

【易错答案】weared, has weared

【解析】学生错误原因:1. 不清楚wear的过去式wore、过去分词worn;2. 不理解句意,since表原因。wear out穿破,磨损

5. She ____(choose) to go and work in the countryside as soon as she left college. 【正确答案】chose


【易错答案】has chosen, would to choose

6. Large animals, ____ tigers and lions, live on meat.

A. for example B. such as C. like D. are like 【正确答案】B 【易错选项】A

【解析】such as 后面跟的例子一定有很多

for example后面很少接词或者词组,一般是句子,而且用法比较规范

like 一般就是用来说明 比如 almost everyone enjoys eating apples, like me and my sister as 用于说明大家都知道的例子 “正如??”

(1). for example作“例如”讲时,一般只以同类事物或人中的“一个”为例,作插入语,用逗号隔开,可置于句首、句中或句末。

(2). such as也作为“例如”讲,用来列举同类人或事物中的几个例子。

(3). like也常用来表示举例,可与such as互换。但such as用于举例可以分开使用,此时不可与like互换。

7. I don’t believe ____ that Mr Smith said. I only believe some of them. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 【正确答案】D 【易错选项】B

8. You can never imagine(想象)what great difficulty I have __________(find) your house. You can’t imagine how much difficulty the police had ___________(find) out the killer. 【正确答案】finding 【易错答案】find/found

9. Tom’s face turned red when he _______(remind) of not being late again. 【正确答案】was reminded 【易错答案】reminds

_____ the tourists ____________(remind) to take some warm clothes during the trip yet? 【正确答案】Have; been reminded

10. I don’ t think I will have any difficulty ____ it in English.

A. to say B. talking C. saying D. to talk 【正确答案】C 【易错选项】B