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学乐教育内部讲义 If we had left earlier, we wouldn?t have missed the train.

假若我们早点动身的话,我们是不会错过火车的。 In the end, it was more than he could bear.

He could not bear it any more. /He could bear it no more.他不能再忍受下去了。 Harrison had thought of everything except the weather. think of


例:What were you thinking of? 你在考虑什么呢? 2)想起

eg. I can' t think of his phone number.我想不起他的电话号码了。 3)想到

eg. I've thought of a good person for chairman.我想到一个做主席的合适人选。 4)万想不到,做梦也没有想到(与would not, could not连用)

eg. I wouldn?t think of selling the land.我万万想不到会卖了这块地。 Special Difficulties难点

1.用no sooner than连接句子: I)I had left the house. It began to rain.

一>I had no sooner left the house than it 'began to rain.我一离开房子,天就开始下雨了。 我刚一离开房子就下雨了。

2)We had hung the picture on the wall. It fell down.

一>We had no sooner hung the picture on the wall than it fell down. 我们刚一把花挂在墙上它就掉了下来。 四、练习Exercises l. He acted ____ he had never lived in English before. A. as though B. like C. as D. even if

2. He had hardly had time to settle down ____ he sold the house and left the country. A. than B. when C. as soon as D. after 3. It rained continually. It___.

A. stopped occasionally B. never stopped

C. hardly rained at all D. never rained

4. The two scientists disagreed and a ____ argument developed. A. hard B. bitter C. salty D. Sour 5.What was Harrison looking forward to doing?

A. Complaining about the weather. B. Spending his old age in England. C. Buying a house somewhere. D. Living in the Mediterranean. 6.Harrison probably couldn't stand the English climate because . A.it never stopped raining B. it was always cold


学乐教育内部讲义 C. he had spent so long in the Mediterranean,he had forgotten what it was like D. he had never lived in England before

7.Harrison had made plans he returned to England. A. before B. when C. as soon as D. after

8.It was more than he could bear.He couldn't bear it . A. more B. longer C. any longer D. no more 9.When did he ?He left immediately. A. live B. longer C. any longer D. no more 10.Harrison retired in England.So a job. A. he was going to get B. he had C. he would have D. he didn't have

11.He wanted to settle down in the country.He wanted to . A. rest there B. live there permanently C. live there for a while D. go there for a visit 12.He as if he had never lived in England before. A. made B. did C. conducted D. Behaved 13.It was more than he could bear.He couldn't it. A. suffer B. put up C. carry D. stand

练习 选择

1. —Do you like to listen to “Mozart”?

—Yes. Listening to ______ is my favorite. A. songs B. music C. stories D. news 2. —Will you please ______ it to me on Friday?

—What about Saturday? My computer doesn?t work well these days. A. send B. give C. email D. bring 3. It?s an important decision for you, so______ your time and think it over. A. take B. waste C. kill D. save 4. —Do you think it will do us good or harm? —______. Let?s beg for God?s help.

A. It?s hard to say B. I?m sure C. It?s impossible D. You are right

5. If you are weak _____ a subject, ______ and asking a teacher for advice can help. A. at; working hard B. in; work hard C. at; work hard D. in; working hard

6. While flying, a bat makes a sound which hits things and comes back to its ears. In this way it?s able to know ______ the things are and avoid bumping into them. A. how B. where C. what D. which

7. If we continue to be ______ the problem, things are sure to go from bad to worse.


学乐教育内部讲义 A. blind to B. interested in C. honest about D. satisfied with

8. Have you heard of the story of Holi? It ______ like this: there is a bad king who… A. tells B. comes C. goes D. says

9. A study shows that a tropical fish in America can survive(存活)______ water for up to 66 hours. A. beyond B. in C. out of D. from

10. He didn?t tell his parents he was going home because he wanted to give them a ______. A. joy B. surprise C. shock D. happiness 11. —Excuse me. How can I get to the railway station?

—Turn left and then follow your nose—You ______ miss it! A. mustn?t B. can?t C. shouldn?t D. needn?t 12. —I didn?t know this is a one-way street, sir. —______. Please show your driving license. A. I don?t care B. Sorry, but that is no excuse C. It?s all right D. I hope so 13. —Do you think we?ll need a coffee pot?

—I don?t drink coffee, and ______. It?s not necessary. Why not a tea service?

A. so do you B. neither you do C. so you do D. neither do you 14. My son wants a pet rabbit for long, but I have no time to buy ______ for him. A. it B. that C. the one D. one

15. A “Workaholic” works too much and usually forgets to have meals and go to bed. ______, he doesn?t have good health.

A. As a matter of fact B. As a whole C. As a result D. As a rule

16. Newton was playing under an apple tree ______ an apple fell onto his head. A. when B. while C. after D. before 17. —You aren?t a stranger, are you?

—______, don?t you remember______me at the school gate ten minutes ago? A. Yes; to see B. No; seeing C. No; saw D. Yes; seeing 18. Which sign means “No Photos”?

A. B. C. D. 19. —How much will you be paid?

—Judy, I don?t do it for money, but for experience. ______, it?s voluntary (志愿的) work. A. However B. Besides C. Finally D. Possibly

20. Nowadays meteorologists (气象学家) can make good forecast for 3 or 5 days. Perhaps soon they may be able to do that for a week or ______. A. more ahead B. more behind C. less ahead D. less behind 首字母填空

Nearly 2,000 years ago, during the Han Dynasty, there was a person called Ying Chen. One day, he invited Du Xuan to his house and treated him with wine. On the wall of the room (1) h___________ a red


学乐教育内部讲义 bow (弓). Its shadow appeared in Du Xuan?s cup. Du Xuan took the shadow for a snake. He was (2) f___________ but he didn?t refuse out of politeness. He drank the wine (3) w___________ his eyes closed.

When he was back at home he felt so sick that he could (4) h___________ eat and drink any more. He sent for the doctor and took some (5) m___________, but nothing could cure him. (6) W_________ Ying Chen went to ask Du Xuan how he got so seriously ill, Du told him about the snake in the wine. Chen returned home, thought hard, (7) b_________ he could not find an answer. (8) S_________ the bow on the wall caught his eyes. “That?s it!” he shouted. He immediately sent for Du Xuan. He seated him where he sat before and offered him a cup of wine. Du Xuan saw the snake-like shadow again. Ying Chen said, pointing at the shadow, “The ?snake? in the cup is (9) n_________ but a shadow of the bow on the wall!” Now that Du Xuan knew (10) w__________ it was, he felt much easier. And strange enough, his illness disappeared the next moment.

This story turned out to be the idiom “Bei Gong She Ying”. 任务型阅读

How do you feel when you have to make a speech in front of class? What about when you go to a birthday party? Do you get really shy?

Shyness means feeling nervous or frightened when you?re around other people. Experts (专家) have found that more than 80 percent of middle school students feel afraid to be the centre of attention. Some kids are born shy. Some become shy later because of their life experiences.

It?s OK if it takes you a while to feel yourself again when you go to a new place or meet new people. In fact, everybody gets a little shy sometimes. It?s just a case of how much.

Most people have red faces and talk in broken sentences when they get shy. But some become so shy that they won?t go to a restaurant because they are too nervous to order and pay the bill (账单). Some are afraid of meeting new people, so they seldom go outside. This kind of shyness can be bad for a person.

If shyness doesn?t stop you from doing something you want to do, being shy isn?t a very big problem. Some experts say shy people are quieter and cleverer because they think more and talk less. Shy people are also good at working with others because they think more for other people. Some great people in history were shy, too.

You see, being shy isn?t all bad. But remember not to let good chances pass by just because of it! If you have to sing a song at a birthday party or practise your spoken English in front of others, just do it! There?s nothing to be afraid of.

Shyness Meaning ●To feel 1. or frightened ●To be the 2. of attention Causes ●To be born shy ●To have3. experiences ●To have red 5. 4. effects ●To talk in 6. sentences ●To be 7. of meeting new people Effects ●To be quieter and 8. Good effects ●To be good at 9. with others Advice ●To take hold of (抓住) good 10.



1-5BCAAD 6-10BACCB 11-15 BBDDC 16-20 ABCBA 1. hung; 2. frightened; 3. with; 4. hardly; 5. medicine; 6. When; 7. but; 8. Suddenly; 9. nothing; 10. what 1. nervous 2. center/centre 3. life 4. Bad 5. faces

6. broken 7. afraid 8. cleverer 9. working/cooperating 10. chances







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