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Rachel: Isn't this amazing? I mean, I have never made coffee before in my entire life. Chandler: That is amazing. Joey: Congratulations.

Rachel: Y'know, I figure if I can make coffee, there isn't anything I can't do. Chandler: If can invade Poland, there isn't anything I can't do.

Joey: Listen, while you're on a roll, if you feel like you gotta make like a Western omelet or something... (Joey and Chandler taste the coffee, grimace, and pour it into a plant pot.) Although actually I'm really not that hungry...

on a roll: undergoing or experiencing sustained, even increasing good fortune or success (手风较顺) 一次连着做什么事情,发兴or做事情很成功。 /grimace vi.扮鬼脸, 作苦相/ plant pot花盆/listen, while you are on a roll: Undergoing or experiencing sustained, even increasing good fortune or success

western omelet(西式煎蛋)很棒,是用火腿片、切碎的青椒、洋葱片撒在摊开的蛋上,用平底锅放在小火上烤出来的

Monica: (entering, to herself) Oh good, Lenny and Squigy are here.

连续剧Laverne and Shirley里的两个角色.她们是很好的朋友,室友,工友(在一家酿酒厂做封瓶盖的工作)/oh, good, Lenny and Squigy are here : Lenny and Squigy are two obnoxious(adj.讨厌的,不愉快的) characters in American Comedy Laverne & Shirley (mind you,this sitcom will also be mentioned by Ross in episode116); Laverne & Shirley are two girls both working as  bottle cappers(n.装盖人), while Lenny and Squigy are their upstairs neighbors who always make the move on(调戏) the girls. In this scene, when Monica steps into the apartment,nobody but Rachel, Chandler and Joey there, so you know what Monica means! All: Morning. Good morning.

Paul: (entering from Monica's room) Morning. Joey: Morning, Paul. Rachel: Hello, Paul. Chandler: Hi, Paul, is it?

(Monica and Paul walk to the door and talk in a low voice so the others can't hear.  The others move Monica's table closer to the door so that they can.) Paul: Thank you!  Thank you so much! Monica: Stop!

Paul: No, I'm telling you last night was like umm, all my birthdays, both graduations, plus the barn raising scene in Witness.

barn raising: 村里的一种庆典,当一家人要建个新农屋时,邻居们也一起过来帮忙凑热闹,场面很喜庆。/Barn raising scene in Witness 哈里森,福特主演的《目击者(Witness)》一片中,被迫杀的警察布克为了逃脱敌人而被迫躲在农村,宁静的乡村生活中大家合力盖谷仓的场景是电影中层现快乐生活的精彩片断。在《老友记》剧中,刚和莫尼卡共度良宵的保罗为了形容他的快感,说和莫尼卡做爱要超过“所有生日、两次毕业典礼再加上《目击者》电影里合力盖起谷仓那种快乐”/no,I?m telling you last night was like umm, all my birthdays both graduations, plus the barn raising scene in Witness : Barn raising is an Amish tradition in which members of the community come together to build a barn(n.农仓) for a member of the community; Witness is a movie where Hollywood legendary(adj.传说的) Harrison Ford starred as a detective to protect an Amish child called “witness”. (here I suppose Paul maneuvered a good example to portray(v.描绘) the ecstasy(n.入迷) about his love affair with Monica , while fawned Monica that

he was also interested in Amish culture at the same time. (Monica似乎对Amish的文化情有独钟 这在Marcel gets away & Fake Monica这二集里都有暗示,如果大家对AMISH想多点了解) Monica: We'll talk later.

Paul: Yeah. (They kiss) Thank you. (Exits)

Joey: That wasn't a real date?! What the hell do you do on a real date? Monica: Shut up, and put my table back. All: Okayyy! (They do so.)

Chandler: All right, kids, I gotta get to work. If I don't input those numbers,... it doesn't make much of a difference没什么区别...

Rachel: So, like, you guys all have jobs?

Monica: Yeah, we all have jobs. See, that's how we buy stuff. Joey: Yeah, I'm an actor.

Rachel: Wow! Would I have seen you in anything? Joey: I doubt it. Mostly regional work.

wow, would I have seen you in anything, I doubt it, mostly regional work.: consider unlikely(adj.不太可能的)

Monica: Oh wait, wait, unless you happened to catch the Reruns' production of Pinocchio. rerun n.重播

Pinocchio:Geppetto 这就是大家耳熟能详的木偶皮诺曹和他的制造者、老木匠葛佩托。剧中,这是乔伊曾经出演过的剧目。/Pinocchio和Geppetto 从小耳熟能详的《木偶奇遇记》,英文就叫做Pinocchio,这也是“小木偶”的名字,而造出它的老木匠则叫做Geppetto。当小木偶经历种种冒险,最终变成一个真人,他就兴奋地跟老木匠说:Look, Geppetto, I'm a real live boy. 这里Chandler就是故意拿这句话讽刺Joey一个大男人,演的却是小木偶,可见他根本没什么演艺代表作品。/oh, wait, wait, unless you happened to catch the rerun?s production of Pinocchio, at the little theater in the park… look, Gippetto, I?m a real live boy. I will not take this abuse: haha, adventure of Pinocchio, betcha(=bet you) you know!;Gippetto is the old carpenter who creates Pinocchio, when the wooden structure is done, the first words said by Pinocchio are “I?m a real live boy!”; take abuse means you recoil(vi.畏缩) as to someone else?s language offense(n.进攻) Joey: Look, it was a job all right?

Chandler: 'Look, Gippetto, I'm a real live boy.'

Joey: I will not take this abuse(n.v.滥用)别这样羞辱我. (Walks to the door and opens it to leave.)

Chandler: You're right, I'm sorry. (Burst into song and dances out of the door.) \wooden boy, a little wooden boy...\

Monica: So how you doing today? Did you sleep okay? Talk to Barry? I can't stop smiling. Rachel: I can see that. You look like you slept with a hanger(n.衣架) in your mouth. 因为monica笑个不停,和不上嘴,rachel就说她好像嘴里有一个衣架把嘴撑住了 Monica: I know, he's just so, so... Do you remember you and Tony DeMarco? Rachel: Oh, yeah.

Monica: Well, it's like that. With feelings. Rachel: Oh wow. Are you in trouble. Monica: Big time!

Rachel: Want a wedding dress?   Hardly used.

Monica: Okay. Okay. I am just going to get up, go to work and not think about him all day. Or else I'm just gonna get up and go to work. Rachel: Oh, look, wish me luck!

Monica: What for?=for what为什么?

Rachel: I'm gonna go get one of those (Thinks) job things. (Monica exits.)

[Scene: Iridium, Monica is working as Frannie enters.] Frannie: Hey, Monica!

Monica: Hey Frannie, welcome back! How was Florida? Frannie: You had sex, didn't you? Monica: How do you do that? Frannie:  So? Who? Monica: You know Paul?

Frannie: Oh yeah, I know Paul.

Monica: You mean you know Paul like I know Paul?

Frannie: Are you kidding? I take credit for Paul我给Paul打保票. Y'know before me, there was no snap in his turtle for two years.

take credit for因...而得到好评/ turle n.海龟/there was no snap in his turtle for two years. The \vulgar idea (also known as a euphemism). A man who has no snap in his turtle is impotent; or, unable to have an erection.

I do have an idea on how it was created. \them have to do with making a quick, sudden movement (or sound), often of a closing or biting nature. In North America, there is an animal known as a \that is known to bite (or \From what I have heard, if one of those things bites you, it hurts a lot. Now, if one of these turtles can't snap, then there's not so much to fear--if they can't bite you, they can't hurt you. A snapping turtle with no (abilty to) snap, then, is powerless, and from there the slang was created. The word \aside from its sexual definition, also means \word \mean a man without (sexual) power or capability. /are you kidding? I take credit for Paul, you know before me, there was no snap in his turtle for two years. : if A takes credit for B,that means B is indebted to(负债的,感激的) A; here snap means vigor(n.精力,活力), while turtle is a vulgar expression to refer to male?s genitalia ,i.e. penis or peepee [Scene: Central Perk, everyone but Rachel is there.]

Joey: (sitting on the arm of the couch)Of course it was a line! line: 谎言。




Line一词也可作为俚语解释,字意为:“one's usual way of talking, esp when being persuasive or self-aggrandizing”,这不正是\的狐狸真面目(as ross said, to get

women to go to bed by acting patheticly)?

A line is a phrase tend to say to several people. It's a phrase designed to get what they want. Sometimes people have a line they use to get girls and it's called a \lines they might use if they are businessmen and want you to buy something. it's not always a lie but it's almost always some exaggeration. About LINE

今天读Erich Segal的小说Man, Woman and Child外研社?88年版时,在119页遇到这个词在相同情形下的用法。 In a restaurant

Gavin: … And I hope you?ll accept my invitation for nightcap, without any superfluous qualms.

Sheila: No, really, I can?t. My friends are expecting me. Gavin: The Hotel is midway between there and here.

His Hotel. What a line! Did he ever actually succeed with it? Of course he did. …… (Sheila) 注释为:What a line! 手法真不高明!line指为达到某种目的而采取的手段或花言巧语。 可以参考。/of course, it was a line: glib(adj.油腔滑调的) or insincere(adj.不真诚的) talk, usually intended to deceive or impress

Monica: Why?! Why? Why, why would anybody do something like that?

Ross: I assume we're looking for an answer more sophisticated than 'to get you into bed'. sophisticated:在中文里面是世故的意思,其实在英文里面,这个单词是褒义词,说明人非常成熟有魅力。

Monica: Is it me? Is it like I have some sort of beacon that only dogs and men with severe emotional problems can hear? beacon n.灯塔,烟火to 气味

Phoebe: All right, c'mere, gimme your feet. (She starts massaging them.) Monica: I just thought he was nice, y'know?

Joey: (bursts out laughing again) I can't believe you didn't know it was a line! (Monica pushes him off of the sofa as Rachel enters with a shopping bag.) Rachel: Guess what? Ross: You got a job?

Rachel: Are you kidding? I'm trained for nothing书都白念了! I was laughed out of twelve interviews today.

I was laughed out of twelve interviews today. 这里laughed out of : 是Rachel面试表现太差,太出糗,被轰笑出了面试官的办公室。 Chandler: And yet you're surprisingly upbeat.

upbeat adj.乐观的, 欢乐的/and yet you are surprisingly upbeat: cheerful, optimistic

Rachel: You would be too if you found John and David boots on sale, fifty percent off打了5折!

Chandler: Oh, how well you know me...

Rachel: They're my new 'I don't need a job, I don't need my parents, I've got great boots' boots!

Monica: How'd you pay for them? Rachel: Uh, credit card.

Monica: And who pays for that?

Rachel: Um... my... father.

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone is sitting around the kitchen table.   Rachel's credit cards are spread out on the table along with a pair of scissors.] spread out展开

Monica: C'mon, you can't live off your parents your whole life.

live off v.住在...外, 靠...生活/you can?t live off your parents you whole life: if you live off someone that is where you get the money that you need. Rachel: I know that. That's why I was getting married.

Phoebe: Give her a break饶了她吧, it's hard being on your own for the first time. be on your own独立生活 Rachel: Thank you.

Phoebe: You're welcome. I remember when I first came to this city. I was fourteen. My mom had just killed herself and my step-dad was back in prison, and I got here, and I didn't know anybody. And I ended up living with this albino guy who was, like, cleaning windshields outside port authority, and then he killed himself, and then I found aromatherapy. So believe me, I know exactly how you feel.

step-dad n.继父/albino n.白化病者/ windshield n.挡风玻璃/port authority港务局/aromatherapy n.用香料按摩/aromatic adj.芬芳的/and I ended up living with this albino guy who…: end up means finally be or do something; deficient(adj.不足的) pigmentation(n.色素沉着) (Pause)

Ross: The word you're looking for is 'Anyway'... Monica: All right, you ready?

Rachel: No.  No, no, I'm not ready!  How can I be ready?  \Rach!  You ready to jump out the airplane without your parachute?\Come on, I can't do this!

Monica: You can, I know you can! Rachel: I don't think so.

Ross: Come on, you made coffee!   You can do anything! (Chandler slowly tries to hide the now dead plant from that morning when he and Joey poured their coffee into it.) Ross: C'mon, cut. Cut, cut, cut,...

All: Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut... (She cuts one of them and they cheer.)

Rachel: Y'know what?  I think we can just leave it at that.  It's kinda like a symbolic gesture...

Monica:  Rachel!  That was a library card! All: Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut..

Chandler: (as Rachel is cutting up her cards) Y'know, if you listen closely, you can hear a thousand retailers scream.

(She finishes cutting them up and they all cheer.)

Monica: Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You're gonna love it! it sucks 这不容易,这很残酷 or(尽管)这个世界很恶心。

[Time Lapse, Rachel and Ross are watching a TV channel finishes it's broadcast day by playing the national anthem.] the national anthem n.国歌

Monica: Well, that's it (To Ross) You gonna crash on the couch你想睡在沙发上吗?