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38、_______ people say, I am sure that he is innocent.(1分) A、Whoever B、Whatever C、However D、Whenever 39、He prefers driving ______ cycling.(1分) A、than B、that C、for D、to 40、What caused the accident and who should take the responsibility ______ unknown to all.(1分) A、remains B、remain C、is remained D、are remained 41、考试作弊的学生要受到学校的处罚。(3分) A、B、Students cheated in the exams will be punished by the school. Students cheated in the exams will be punishment by the school. C、D、Students cheating in the exams will be punished by the school. Students cheating in the exams will be punishment by the school. 42、令我大吃一惊的是他竟然赞成我的计划(3分) A、For my great surprise, he is in favor of my plan. B、To my great surprise, he is in love of my plan. C、For my great surprise, he is in love of my plan. D、To my great surprise, he is in favor of my plan. 43、他正在搜集证据以证明他的清白。(3分) A、He is collecting evidence what will prove his innocent. C、He is collecting evidence what will prove his innocence. B、He is collecting evidence that will prove his innocent. D、He is collecting evidence that will prove his innocence. 44、Sometimes a company can lose the right to market their product because of lack of compliance with fair-trading laws.(3分) A、有时公司会因没有顺从公平交易法而失去产品营销的权利。 B、有时公司会因没有顺从公平交易法而失去产品市场的权利。 C、有时公司会因没有遵守公平交易法而失去产品市场的权利。


45、Consumer debt, or borrowing money to feed one’s own desires, is bad debt and can be consolidated by eliminating the need for these extra activities from one’s life.(3分)






The family TV show Happy Days ran for 11 years from 1974 to 1984, creating several by-product series. In one episode (一集) , there was a new character, an alien from

outer space. He was played by an unknown actor. People roared with laughter at his crazy antics (滑稽动作). No one had seen this type of comedy before, and they protested for

more. The network administrators knew they had a new star on their hands: from that single performance, Robin Williams became the star of a brand-new comedy series, Mork and

Mindy. He played the character of an alien who comes to the Earth in a giant egg-shaped spacecraft. He is friendly, and observes and reports back to his planet. He sleeps

standing on his head, thinks that all eggs are spacecraft, and sometimes wears his clothes backwards. His kind new friend, Mindy, helps to take care of him. They marry, and

have a child together. But Mork gives birth, and the child is actually an old man who ages backward! In addition to his work as a comedian on this and other projects, Robin

Williams is also an excellent dramatic actor. Anyone who has seen his films will agree that he is a man who can make you laugh, cry, think, and feel.

1. Which title suits this passage best?

A) The Family TV Show Happy Days.

B) The Life of Robin Williams.

C) Robin Williams--An Excellent Comedy Actor.

D) The Performance of Robin Williams.

2. What made Robin Williams become a new star according to the passage?

A) His role in Happy Days.

B) This new type of comedy.

C) His handsomeness.

D) Both A and B.

3. What does the word ″alien″ mean in the passage?

A) A stranger from another city.

B) A creature from another world.

C) A foreigner from another country.

D) A guest from a suburban area.

4. Which of the following is NOT true about the character of an alien Robin Williams played in Mork and Mindy?

A) The alien comes to the Earth in a giant egg-shaped spacecraft.

B) The alien sleeps standing on his head.

C) The alien wears his clothes backwards.

D) The alien comes to the Earth accidentally.

5. What can you learn from the passage?

A) Robin Williams is a gifted actor.

B) Robin Williams is a diligent (勤奋的) actor.

C) Robin Williams and Mindy married and had a child.

D) Robin Williams was famous during 1974-1984.

Girls dream of having the perfect wedding, but when I got engaged, I have up any dream of the perfect day. My mother has to have her own way. She’s a very nice woman,

but sheˊs convinced that what she wants is exactly what you want, and you cannot tell her otherwise. Since my parents were paying for the wedding, I kept my mouth shut, and

let her decide everything! I was not married in church, but in the same hall where my brother was married. It had recently been remodeled, and all the charming features, such

as a large stone fireplace, were removed. She insisted that my cousin make my wedding dress. I wanted a simple long white dress with long sleeves. My cousin made a short

dress without sleeves. My cousin also added a HUGE bow on the back of the dress that looked as if I sat in a wedding cake! My mother also insisted on making the cake, but she

ran out of time to frost (给?覆上糖霜) it, and a huge, plain cake was served. I wanted a single rose for a bouquet (花束) ;

my mother insisted that my sister, a florist

(花店店主) , make me a huge bouquet of lilies (百合花) , which I am allergic to! My mother referred to this as “my daughter’s dream wedding”. Dream wedding? More like a nightmare!

1. Why couldnˊt the author dream of having the perfect wedding?

A) Because she was very poor.

B) Because she didnˊt have enough time to prepare.

C) Because her mother organized everything.

D) Because her parents loved her sister and brother more.

2. What was the author dissatisfied with?

A) Her wedding dress.

B) Her wedding place.

C) Her wedding cake.

D) All of the above.

3. Why didnˊt the author protest against her motherˊs arrangements of her marriage?

A) Because her parents were paying for the wedding.

B) Because itˊs a custom to follow her brotherˊs wedding.

C) Because she was used to listening to her parents.

D) Because she was afraid of her mother.

4. Which of the following statement is TRUE?

A) The authorˊs mother is a dressmaker.

B) The authorˊs brother is a priest.

C) The authorˊs sister is a florist.

D) The authorˊs cousin is a baker.

5. What can we infer from the passage?

A) Wedding customs are different from place to place.

B) The author was disappointed, and her mother the opposite.

C) A successful wedding needs long preparation.

D) Money is very important for weddings.

When I lived in Canada, many people asked me about Chinese customs. I was happy to talk about our many lovely traditions, such as Spring Festival. But I was unprepared

for the number of people who asked me about Japan, Korea, and India! It seemed unbelievable to me that so many people were unaware that China is a nation with its own

tradition and history. Recently, while working on a new textbook at a publishing company, I asked a foreign colleague about weddings in Nigeria. She looked at me as if I were

crazy, and said, ″How would I know? Iˊm from Canada.″ I told her that all foreign cultures are alike, so she should know. She threw her head back and laughed. ″Xiao Li,″

she told me. ″I donˊt mean to hurt your feelings, but all countries have customs different from one another! Didnˊt you tell me how angry you were when Western people

asked you about Japan? Itˊs not just nations that are different: country people have different ways of celebrating from city people. Celebrations are different from family

to family as well. ″ At first, my feelings were very hurt, but then I realized she was right. From that time on, I have not expected my foreign colleagues to know all about the customs or languages of lands other than their own!

1. Why did the author feel it was unbelievable when some Western people asked him about Japan, Korea and India?

A) Because he hadnˊt ever been to these countries.

B) Because he didnˊt expect few people knew China has its own tradition and history.

C) Because he didnˊt like these countries.

D) Because he thought that those Western people were empty-headed.

2. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to this passage?

A) The author was happy to talk about Chinese customs.

B) The authorˊs foreign colleague didnˊt know about weddings in Nigeria.

C) All foreign cultures are the same.






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